Job Details

Requisition Number 17-0072
Brand IHOP
Company Mr. Stax
Title General Manager (Franchise - IHOP)
City Brockton
State MA

Purpose of Position:

  • To oversee the operations of restaurant on a daily basis and direct all employees in all phases of the operations including maintaining high standards of food preparation and presentation, service to guests, general cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere in accordance with all standard operating procedures.
  • Develop and exercise plans to maximize sales and profit
  • Ensure employees follow all company guidelines, and local, state and federal laws

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare employee weekly work schedules in advance based on past and present sales, taking into consideration trends, seasonal fluctuations, special events and holidays. Post employee schedules by 2:00 p.m., each Saturday.
  • Maintain an adequate labor force to meet the above requirements
  • Ensure all personnel, equipment and supplies are in complete readiness
  • Assign employee duties and responsibilities and encourage teamwork
  • Inform all employees of new menu items, specials and promotional material being used to ensure complete understanding of food presentation and service
  • Promote teamwork, exchange information, report progress and accomplishments to management, alleviate complaints and problems and conduct ongoing training
  • Coordinate activities of the restaurant in compliance with management instructions
  • Recruit and interview prospective employees as needed
  • Conduct orientation and training of all newly hired employees and provide ongoing training to current employees as a refresher and as needed
  • Ensure that employee performance and conduct is followed according to company guidelines and local, state and federal laws
  • Discipline and/or terminate employees who are not following proper company guidelines or local, state and federal laws according to company procedures
  • Observe guest reactions to quality of food and service.
  • Address any guest and employee concerns promptly and accordingly
  • Project labor costs based on employee work schedules and adjust to meet the needs of the restaurant
  • Review time cards daily, print time cards weekly and store time cards for a 5 year period
  • *Maintain, keep up to date and make available for inspection the “Time Record Change Log”
  • *Ensure all employees adhere to proper break and meal period guidelines
  • Prepare and submit payroll and new hire paperwork accordingly
  • Prepare and submit all other office paperwork (call-in reports, transmittals, etc.) weekly
  • Prepare miscellaneous paperwork (worker’s compensation injury reports, general liability reports, etc) when incidents occur
  • Adhere to all Labor Laws and company guidelines
  • Responsible for register readings and daily sales receipts
  • Reconcile cash receipts and store bank funds
  • Make daily bank deposits and submit deposit slips to the Mr. Stax office and Accounting accordingly
  • Ensure the register has sufficient change and bills prior to peak hours of business
  • *Ensure “cash drops” are completed frequently throughout the day
  • *Responsible for assigning store Point of Sale security access by issuing ID swipe cards specific to a designated employee and limiting discount/void/retender authority based on business needs as well as documenting any fraudulent and/or unapproved uses/activity.
  • *Utilize and check the Mr. Stax Intranet daily. Ensure the AGM/PIC are trained to review the Intranet in the GM’s absence
  • Enforce company guidelines regarding check cashing (not allowed)
  • Respond to emergencies including fire, robbery, disturbance, accident or serious illness of a guest or employee by following proper company guidelines
  • Investigate accidents and claims involving the restaurant by following proper claim filing procedures accordingly
  • Hold monthly safety meetings with employees
  • Ensure all employees follow proper company safety procedures
  • Follow any other procedures and duties as assigned
About Company This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee of Applebee’s International Inc. or International House of Pancakes, LLC
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