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Requisition Number 18-0198
Post Date 2/8/2018
City Appleton
State WI
Part-Time No
Description Operating as a regional airline in the United States, Air Wisconsin Airlines performs flying services as a partner with United Airlines. Currently operating a fleet of CRJ-200 regional jets as United Express, Air Wisconsin Airlines operates throughout the Eastern and Central United States as well as into Canada.

Air Wisconsin's team is made up of around 1,500 members dedicated to making our travelers’ experiences safe and pleasant. With service to approximately 70 cities throughout North America, we carry an estimated 6 million passengers a year.

Following routine procedures with general direction from the Director of Crew Resources, manages pilot and flight attendant schedules and inquiries and performs a variety of duties to ensure flights are staffed and in accordance with applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs), and Company policies and procedures.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities:

• Ensures full complement of crewmembers for all scheduled and non-scheduled flights.*
• Responsible for all reroutes and reschedules for crewmembers as a result of irregular operations, for reasons including but not limited to, mechanicals, weather, sick calls, crew legalities, contractual issues, fatigue, commute, etc., in compliance with all applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs), Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and Company policies and procedures.
• Monitors pilot qualification completion and Consolidation of Knowledge and Skills (CKS) to ensure regulatory minimums are met and extension authorization is received when necessary.
• Manages airline reservations for deadheading crew movement, books jumpseats for FAA and positive space crewmembers as needed.
• Provides direct oversight of reserve crewmember schedules, establishing and managing times of availability and assignments, ensuring cost effective and operationally beneficial utilization.
• Must satisfy completion of 117.9 Fatigue Education and Awareness training requirements on an annual basis.
• Adherence to policies and procedures outlined in the Fatigue Risk Management Program (FRMP).
• Assist with training new hire employees as needed and work directly with Manager to develop and implement tailored training plans and coaching. Training duties include regular status updates with Management, oversight of training materials and trainee progress, and one-on-one supervision of trainee for extended periods upwards of six months.
• Develop and maintain a proficient understanding of ALPA and AFA Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).
• Develop and maintain a proficient understanding of all elements of 14 CFR 117 and 14 CFR 121 as applied towards flight and inflight operations.
• Monitor crewmember legalities to ensure 14 CFR 117 and 14 CFR 121 compliance.
• Work directly with third party vendor to resolve crewmember accommodation and/or transportation challenges.
• Work overtime as needed to maintain operational oversight when flights delay beyond the scope of scheduled service.
• Assist with implementation of new Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) and/or software as needed.
• Support pilot new hire onboarding by participating in initiatives as needed, including pilot job shadowing of SOC departments.
• Work with members of Flight and Inflight Management to resolve operational challenges and facilitate timely resolution to minimize disruption to revenue flights.
• Work with members of Flight and Inflight Management as needed to accommodate short notice Leaves of Absence (LOA).
• Assist Flight and Inflight with crewmember displacements in conjunction with currency requirements for Management.
• Assist Inflight Management with line observation schedules as needed.
• Monitor crew member check-ins to minimize delays and cancellations stemming from late or unavailable crews.
• Work with Dispatchers as needed to ensure operational control is maintained when changes impact upcoming flights.
• Collaborate with SOC Duty Managers and Dispatch Coordinators to repair disrupted flight schedules and maintain operational integrity.
• Utilize Business Intelligence (BI) tools as needed.
• Ensure high levels of service are provided to the crew members.
• Attendance is considered an essential responsibility.*
• Adherence to company policies and procedures.*

Requirements Required Education and Experience:

• High School Diploma or equivalent with college education preferred.
• Experience with airline scheduling including airline terminology and airline reservation systems is preferred.
• Experience requiring/demonstrating use of analytical skills.
• Ability to manage and prioritize many time critical situations at any given time.
• Customer service experience of at least three years.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled
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